Blessing of Trials

Jesus said, “…in me you may have peace. But in the world you will have tribulation.”

The blessing of trials is certainly not in the trial itself, but the outcome and awareness of the presence of God through our experience. If all we knew in life was peace and pleasure, to what would we credit the character that produces endurance, or the patience that exhibits mercy and grace? The fact is, these qualities would be neither practiced nor necessary. Like mere animals without regard for another we would grasp at anything that catches our attention. Self centered, unruly brats, unfit for any service.

But why endure, or suffer patiently if all you want is here before you? If it is, you are terribly short sited. One day this world and all that is in it will perish. And you, if you cling to this life will perish with it. But if you have seen the behind the veil, if you have experinced the world with it’s lust’s and enticements and yet found the worth of it’s treasures to be lacking, the trials of life are a treasure of unparalleled value. For out of trials, God purges away the impurities of our soul and enables us to reflect the nature of His life – in patience, mercy, self control, and above all, faithfulness toward Him. In short, love.

As Jesus was focused on his eternal existence and that we might share in it with him, he offered this hope, “…take heart; I have overcome the world.” Indeed God has required of us to endure suffering as Christ endured, but not without this promise of reward for following – to overcome the world. Today we exist in a world of troubles and heartaches, but one day, there will be no comparison between our afflictions and the glory we will know. For, if we suffer, we shall also reign with Him. Therefore, count the cost of unfaithfulness. Consider your life; does it reflect the life of your savior?

   Remember, only those who endure to the end shall be saved, and this salvation is more than an escape from judgment. It is the opportunity to experience the very glory of God. Not only being in his presence, but the limitless glory of His presence in us, in an eternity without pain, suffering, tears, nor death.